Organise Yourself!

Organise Yourself!
Title: Organise Yourself!
Author: Ronni Eisenberg, Kate Kelly
Date Reviewed: 11th March 2012
7 out of 10
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I picked this book up from our local library following a networking breakfast where one of our regulars impressed me with her ultra-organised scheme for timetabling her working week. I find that level of organisation very appealing so when I spotted this book on the shelf I grabbed it.

Firstly, before I go through what I like about the book, I must mention something that the authors get very very wrong. The book is an American book which has been adapted for a UK audience. Adapted appallingly badly. I’m sorry guys, but changing $ to £ and check to cheque isn’t enough! Apart from just an overriding feeling that it was written for an American lifestyle, rather than British, the worst bit was the chapter on tax, which refers to April 15 right until the end when they suddenly seem to realise they’re supposed to be catering to a UK audience and remember to mention January 31. This clumsy editing makes it more obvious that the book was originally intended for an American audience. It would have worked a lot better for me if they hadn’t tried to pretend – I can handle the fact that a book is written in ‘American’ but still learn from it. What irritated me was that I had to work out whether something applied to the UK or not.

Right, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I still found it to be a very worthwhile read. I love the idea of getting more organised and this takes you through various aspects of your life with overall some pretty sound advice. The book is more geared towards personal use – personal finances, household matters etc., but it’s easy to pick out bits which you can apply to business. It starts with a section on time management (one of my all-time favourite subjects) and that can be universally applied.

This has inspired me to regain control over certain things which I think have slipped organisationally – the fact that I never carry a diary with me so I can’t make appointments when I’m out and about. I had intended to use the calendar on my phone for this, but it’s too fiddly to comfortably use. So I’m going to resurrect my personal organiser and make sure that I carry it around with me. But not in my bottomless pit of a handbag, which makes finding anything completely impossible. I’m going to take the advice of this book and find myself a new bag with compartments in it for different things so that I can easily lay my hands on what I need. Hmmm, sounds like an excuse for some shopping to me…

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the book for the good advice it contains, but maybe try to get hold of an American copy so that you don’t have to cringe at the terrible editing.

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