What You Need to Know About Project Management

What You Need to Know About Project Management
Title: What You Need to Know About Project Management Date Reviewed: 11th February 2012
10 out of 10
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I’m very excited about this book. I picked it up on a shopping blip recently … one of those accidental splurges when you’re in the vicinity of a bookshop and you think ‘I’ll just have a look and see if there’s anything interesting’. Duh! I’m in the business section of a large bookshop, of course I’m going to find something interesting!

So, I bought a copy of What You Need to Know About Project Management, and having just finished my first read-through I’m thinking I might have to get a couple of spare copies. You know, for when this one disintegrates from over-use. I’ve already had the spine go crunch on me when I flattened it out to type up one of the step-by-step processes, which I immediately applied to several of the projects I’m working on.

I’ve read a number of project management books over the last few years, and I don’t often find one that I feel was written for me. Most project management books seem to be aimed at managers of big projects – the ones that take months if not years to complete, have a large team working on them and have a budget of tens or hundreds of thousands. That’s definitely not me and I get a bit frustrated with the assumption that you only need help with project management if that’s the case. I tend to have a number of projects on the go at any one time, and even though individually they’re very small, I still benefit from applying project management techniques to them. I found this book presents the information in such a way as to allow me to apply it to my own projects. And what’s more, it includes a section on running multiple projects, which had me jumping for joy – it’s all very well having a system for managing a single project, but if you’re juggling several this book also gives you pointers on that.

The style of the writing is very informal, making it very easy to understand. It doesn’t get bogged down with formal definitions of projects and over-complicated systems. Instead it sets out the facts in a very forthright manner so you know exactly what to do. And, after explaining each technique, includes a simple step-by-step so that you can apply it instantly.

This book has certainly made me think carefully about my approach to projects. I can see that I’m going to have to keep it close by me and refer to it again and again. If you are new to project management, or need a refresher, then pick up a copy – it will give you an excellent grounding and pointers to further reading if you’re so inclined.

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  1. Phil Aston says:

    Thank you again for another fab recommendation. Just ordered a copy….:)

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