Moose on the Table

Moose on the Table
Title: Moose on the Table
Author: Jim Clemmer
Date Reviewed: 16th September 2008
8 out of 10
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Over the last couple of years I’ve become very familiar with the concept of eating your frog/toad in a time management kind of way, and have been coming to terms with eating elephants (a bite at a time if you’re dealing with project management). Now, in the words of the woman on my yoga video, “we’ve got another animal on our hands”. This time it’s a moose, but thankfully we don’t have to eat it. Any other animals we need in a business context?

Moose on the Table by Jim Clemmer has the subtitle ‘A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work’. I didn’t realise until I started reading it that that is exactly what it is – a novel. What a fun way to approach a serious subject! It’s the story of how Pete sorts out a frighteningly bad leadership problem to turn the company he works for around. It’s a nice, easy read with a lot to take away and apply to your own situation. I certainly know a lot more about leadership (and moose) than I did before.

To be honest, if I had sat down to read this as a novel rather than a business book then I may have come away a bit disappointed. As far as a work of fiction goes it’s probably not the best bit of writing I’ve ever read. But that’s not the point is it? As a refreshingly different approach to providing advice on leadership and communications this is a huge success. It certainly ticks all the boxes of being easy to read and conveying the information in an easy to absorb way.

If you’re interested in learning more about good (and bad) leadership or have an in-house issue you need to tackle this would be a good place to start.

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