Managing Online Reputation

Managing Online Reputation
Title: Managing Online Reputation
Author: Charlie Pownall
Date Reviewed: 14th December 2016
8 out of 10
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Managing Online Reputation is a book about how social media can impact businesses and how they can handle crises online.

I was worried initially that is was going to be another Great Brand Blunders, store i.e. endless tales of things going wrong. Indeed the first section of the book is very much examples of business crises being handled online. However, I’m glad I stuck with it as the advice really kicks in for the second half of the book. It turned out to be a very intelligent discussion of the types of problems you can encounter and how they can be handled through social media. Yes, there are plenty of horror stories, but in this case they are used as examples to back up the theory.

As a small business owner I wouldn’t necessarily rush out to buy this book to help manage my social media. The examples are all very much big corporation crises, so it will need some translation to apply it to a small business. But if you’re interested in the subject then it’s a very interesting read and if you are particularly active in the world of social media you could well get some good tips from the book.

Personally I didn’t get massively enthusiastic about the content of the book and had to make an effort to read it through to the end, but that’s more a reflection of my focus on small business rather than big. It’s intelligently written, well structured and Charlie very much knows his stuff.

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