The Little Book of Project Management

The Little Book of Project Management
Title: The Little Book of Project Management
Author: Nine Feet Tall
Date Reviewed: 22nd July 2014
10 out of 10
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This is a fun little book and a surprisingly useful resource for such a tiny thing (it really is very small). It gives a very well-structured and easy to read introduction to the concepts of project management. I easily read it in one sitting but found myself thinking that I would definitely go back to it if I needed a reminder about a particular concept. It even covers methodologies such as Agile and Prince2 so if you’re new to project management and wondering what on earth they are you have the answer at your fingertips.

Each section of the book is colour coded, here making it easy to flick through and find what you need and the information is presented in a very digestible format with lists and charts which help you absorb the info.

Of course this isn’t going to teach you everything about project management but if you want to dip your toe in, or want a quick refresher, then this is a great place to start. It may well be just enough to get you on track, or interested enough to go and find out more. I’m going to keep it at the top of my list of project management books for when I need a quick bit of inspiration.

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