Title: Influence
Author: Jenny Nabben
Date Reviewed: 7th July 2014
4 out of 10
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Influence: What it really means and how to make it work for you. The blurb describes this book as combining “… the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence with clever, practical and highly effective techniques to take your influencing skills to an impressive new level”. It’s a book about how to NLP techniques to influence.

With hindsight I should have known that I wouldn’t get on with this book. I’ve dipped into NLP once or twice and know quite a few people who swear by it. But it’s not something that I find I can buy into. At best it can come across as common sense dressed up as “science” and at worst can seem very manipulative. So of course a book on “influence” wouldn’t sit right with me.

The book contains some really good advice on how to communicate better, particularly on how listening is a very important skill (and one that I definitely would benefit from working on). I can appreciate that. If this was rebranded as a book about how to communicate effectively I could buy into that. But, unfortunately as soon as it starts being touted as science it brings out my prejudice (and I admit it is prejudice) and I get irritated. Then bring in the idea of using it to influence people and the “manipulative” alarms start sounding.

I blame myself, I really should have known better.

On the positive side it is a very readable book and, as I said, there is some good stuff on communication. But overall it’s not my bag.

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