How to Win Any Argument

How to Win Any Argument
Title: How to Win Any Argument
Author: Robert Mayer
Date Reviewed: 17th January 2012
1 out of 10
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I was pretty excited to start this book. It’s not a title that would usually attract me, so I was interested to try something new. Unfortunately, I’ll have to say up front that I didn’t get on with it at all.

My main problem with the book is that it bombards you with anecdotes to the point that the I felt the message was lost. This meant that I found there was very little I could take away from it and ended up wondering what the point was.

Don’t get me wrong, examples are good. I remember reviewing a book a while ago that barely had any examples, and that was hard going. But … please, please, please don’t just give anecdote after anecdote and leave me to decipher the message myself. I never was any good at cryptic crosswords.

I like to balance my book reviews with positive and negative. I’ve covered the negative, so let’s see what I can come up with for positive:

  1. The style of the book is easy going, making it a pretty easy read (something I’m always keen on!)
  2. The anecdotes are quite interesting, so if that’s something you feel you would enjoy then this could be the book for you

However, I’ll have to say that it’s not the book for me. Having read it I don’t feel that I’m any more equipt to win arguments.

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