How To Be A Productivity Ninja

Productivity Ninja
Title: How To Be A Productivity Ninja
Author: Graham Allcott
Date Reviewed: 9th August 2014
10 out of 10
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As someone who is obsessed with (and constantly stuggles with) time management and productivity, I simply couldn’t resist grabbing a copy of “How To Be A Productivity Ninja” when I spotted it in a bookshop last weekend. How sexy does being a “Productivity Ninja” sound? Well to me, very!

I have spent a very enjoyable week reading the book and beginning to put the processes into action. Yes, it was an excuse to yet again re-organise my task management, but sometimes it really is worth taking time out to do it, if at the end of the process you feel more in control and inspired to get some things done.

This definitely deserves the title of “Brilliant Business Book”. It is written in an engaging style and is crammed full of practical systems which you can apply to your workflow. The book has got a real momentum to it which takes you through the whole process and inspires you to try it out. It kept me hooked throughout and what’s more had me laughing out loud at times. What’s better than a book that gives you a chuckle at the same time as inspiring you to take control of your workload?

OK, when I first started reading about the process I thought “Isn’t this just Getting Things Done?” (another of my all-time productivity favourites and I’m shocked to have just discovered that I’ve never reviewed it, what’s wrong with me?). There is no doubt that the author has been very much inspired by the GTD system. To be fair GTD is so good that it’s worth reading another take on it if it inspires you to start using it. But I feel that the Productivity Ninja system is more of an adaption of GTD, in some ways improving it.

One important addition for me is the Daily To-Do List. However much I love GTD I always find it dissuades me from compiling a daily list on the basis that the next actions list was enough. But in reality my next actions list would be so long that I’d feel overwhelmed trying to decide what to do next and end up doing the quick, easy stuff with least resistance. With Producitivity Ninja, choosing my Daily To-Do List from my Master Actions List every day allows me to pre-pick the things that will make the most impact that day, leaving me with a short, much more focused list for that day. So maybe Productivity Ninja is for those who have tried and liked GTD but never quite settled into it.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love this book. It’s one that I’m sure I will come back to again and again whenever I need a productivity boost.

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  1. graham says:

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks so much for the review. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, definitely ‘GTD’ has been a big influence for me. Lots of people have said to me “this is a great book if you’ve struggled to implement ‘GTD’” and I take that as a great compliment, but also there’s lots of stuff here that ‘GTD’ doesn’t touch upon, so something for everyone I hope. And I think the world has changed even since I wrote my book in 2012, so who knows what will come next…

    • Emily says:

      Hi Graham

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I expect that what I took away from it this time was the GTD similarity, but next time I read it (and there definitely will be a next time) there will something else that I pick up on.

      Hmmm, does that mean you’ve got something else in the works? I’ll definitely be looking out for that!

      Cheers, Emily

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