Hope Won’t Pay The Wages

Hope Won't Pay the Wages
Title: Hope Won’t Pay The Wages
Author: Andrew R Miller
Date Reviewed: 2nd February 2013
10 out of 10
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Review by Colette Lowe, ChewPR

I’ve read my fair share of business books, some useful, some terrible. But out of them all I feel I have learnt an awful lot from Hope Won’t Pay the Wages by Andrew R Miller. It is a one-off you must read. It provides an insight into the world of business failure from entrepreneurs who have experienced just that. This isn’t about doom and gloom, on the contrary it’s an optimistic read that illustrates there is a lot to be learnt from failure.

If you ever wondered what the dark-side might be like then read this book. By dark side I mean business failure! That no-go area of discussion when you set up a business, that taboo subject that’s swept under the carpet! The brilliant thing about this book is that it’s based on fact from the entrepreneurs who experienced business failure. It’s an honest, and no messing account of how these entrepreneurs rode that emotional rollercoaster and came through it with bigger and better businesses.

Of course businesses are never set up to fail but the book really does alert your attention to those little things that could seriously compromise the direction your business goes in.

To learn more about why it’s an essential read for anyone in business or thinking of starting a business check out this website: www.hopewontpaythewages.co.uk

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