Get into Bed with Google

Get into bed with Google
Title: Get into Bed with Google
Author: Jon Smith
Date Reviewed: 13th October 2008
1 out of 10
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There’s nothing worse than somebody who knows a little bit about a subject but thinks they know a lot. Unfortunately this somebody with a little bit of knowledge has seen fit to write a book. Big mistake. I feel terribly sorry for all those people who have read this book and taken it all as fact. I don’t know what is annoying me more: the fact that he has actually got some of it right or the hideous inaccuracies that had me groaning.

The book is Get into Bed with Google by Jon Smith. I was really looking forward to reading it – it was published this year and is a British book, here and (possibly more importantly) our library system had a copy. I ordered it to my local branch with a view to seeing if it was worth recommending to those of our clients who like to be more hands-on with their search engine optimisation. What a waste of 50p! The information is given in no apparent order, giving you no identifiable procedure to follow, and on the whole appears to be based on the author’s conjecture. That’s not to say that he gets it completely wrong – a lot of the techniques he suggests are based on sound reasoning. However, the book is absolutely littered with inaccuracies, which had me screaming at it.

What’s this nonsense about if you do a Google search you get ‘about 12 results per page’. Eh? Google displays 10 results per page by default and you couldn’t even change it to 12 if you wanted to. Couldn’t he even be bothered to count? I know that’s a minor detail but it is a book about Google!

My advice is to steer clear of this one unless you’ve got an SEO expert to hand to check your facts with.

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