How To Generate Massive Business Profits

How To Generate Massive Business Profits
Title: How To Generate Massive Business Profits
Author: Peter James
Date Reviewed: 27th November 2013
5 out of 10
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I will confess that I’ve been sitting on this one for a little while because I’m not sure what to make of it. Sometimes you can’t get excited about a book even though you can’t find anything specifically wrong with it. Do you know what I mean? It makes writing a review quite tricky. So, let’s see how I go, maybe if I start the review will write itself.

The advice in the book applies very much to trade businesses (i.e. electricians, plumbers etc.). When I first started reading it I thought “hang on I thought this was for small businesses generally” and then looked again at the cover, which describes it as “The Ultimate ‘No-Nonsense’ Profit Making Toolkit for Tradesmen and Small Business Owners”. Aha! So let’s take from this that the book is mostly for trade but the advice can also be applied to any small business – that sits much more comfortably. So, if you are a tradesman (or tradeswoman, let’s not be sexist here) you could pick this book up and start applying the tips straight away – they really apply directly to you. But if you’re doing something else (like me) then you will have to work a bit harder to apply the advice to your business. It can be done, it will just take a bit more effort.

Maybe that’s where I’m struggling. I want it all laid out on a plate for me without having to think too much. Maybe I don’t want to make the effort. On the one hand I shouldn’t let that put me off the book, if I did I could possibly miss some gems. That’s for me to wrestle with.

But, if you are following a trade then do consider taking a look at it. After all you could be thinking that there aren’t enough books out there tailored to your type of business, so you would probably be on to a winner. What you can expect to find are practical suggestions to help you get more of the type of business that you want. The tips are very precise and to the point. The author says they are based on experience so I will take his word on that.

So that’s where I am with the book – I’m sitting on the fence between “don’t really like it in the context of applying it to my own business” and “could be useful for the right type of business”. I’ll let you decide which side you land on.

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