Five Star Service, One Star Budget

Five Star Service, One Star Budget
Title: Five Star Service, One Star Budget
Author: Michael Heppell
Date Reviewed: 15th August 2008
10 out of 10
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Another brilliantly inspiring book by Michael Heppell. Five Star Service, One Star Budget is a very enjoyable read and cram-packed full of practical advice on how to provide outstanding customer service. The author has a fast-paced, hugely enthusiastic style that pulls you along. I wish all business books could be like this – to the point, fun, easy to read and making you want to jump up and put it all into practice.

Some of the advice may seem like it’s common sense in a ‘I already knew that’ kind of way, but as the author points out – it’s not the knowing, it’s the doing that counts. If nothing else the book acts as a reminder of what you should be doing. You can use it to dip into when you feel your business needs a boost, or as a manual for transforming your customer service if you work through it a chapter at a time. Well worth a read.

A truly brilliant business book.

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