The Financial Times Guide to Management

Title: The Financial Times Guide to Management
Author: Ann Francke
Date Reviewed: 30th April 2014
8 out of 10
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The Financial Times Guide to Management (how to make a difference and get results) is a comprehensive guide to how to be a manager. It begins with how to manage yourself and develop your skills, case and then works through the different areas of management – managing others, strategy, change, and resources.

It’s a solid book containing clear advice in an engaging style. However, it’s not a fluffy book that you can pick up and whizz through in a couple of days – it’s serious stuff and as such I didn’t find it the easiest of reads, but it was definitely worth a small amount of effort.

If you’re new to management then grab yourself a copy now – it will take you through everything you need to consider and point you in the right direction. If you’re an experienced manager but would like to polish up your skills then this is the book for you as well – it’s always good to review how you do things and you would take a lot away from this, a good addition to your bookshelf.

Overall it’s more suited to someone working in a larger business or organisation but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for a small business owner. I may not have found all of it directly relevant to my business but I still found things to take away. As a small business owner it’s very easy to get into the mindset of always thinking ‘small’ so seeing how larger businesses do things can help widen my perspective.

I was particularly interested that it was a management book written by a woman (Ann Francke). I can’t help thinking of major management roles as being dominated by men so it’s inspiring to read a book by a woman with such experience.

In summary this is a solid book which anyone in a management role would benefit from, but it’s not a quick read. Something to keep on my shelf and dip into whenever I’m working on a particular issue.

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