Emotional Resilience

Emotional Reslience
Title: Emotional Resilience
Author: Geetu Bharwaney
Date Reviewed: 12th October 2015
5 out of 10
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I’ve been prevaricating over writing a review of this book because I’ve been struggling over how to approach it. I definitely think that it’s an interesting idea that your emotions can affect your work and how you interact with people. I can see that how I feel impacts how I react to things and if I took a moment to review this and adjust my response I would deal with things much better.

However, this book isn’t going to make it to my list of all-time favourites. And I’m slightly ashamed to admit that it’s because it’s just too much hard work. I’ll stress that there is some really good stuff in there but when I start feeling like I’m having to wade through the content is when I start to switch off, and unfortunately that’s what happened with this book. As a result there are big chunks of the book where I quite frankly don’t have a clue what I read.

What it’s all about is how your emotions can impact your effectiveness and how addressing this can help you in work situations. Whether it’s interacting with other people or approaching your workload, paying attention to and adjusting your emotional response will help you day to day. Now, that’s my interpretation of the book and that genuinely interests me.

It’s an indepth book with a lot of detail and exercises for you to do – so if that’s what you’re after this could really be your book. But personally I think it could have been edited down a lot more to give the message in a much more easily digestible way – I’ve read books which get their message across much more snappily without losing their effectiveness so I know it can be done.

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