Confident Networking for Career Success and Satisfaction

Confident Networking
Title: Confident Networking for Career Success and Satisfaction
Author: Gael Lindenfield, Stuart Lindenfield
Date Reviewed: 29th August 2008
8 out of 10
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Confident Networking for Career Success and Satisfaction by Gael and Stuart Lindenfield combines the two areas that I’m particularly working on at the moment – confidence and networking. Networking is an essential part of building a business these days and is something that I’ve dabbled in over the last couple of years. However, I’m never entirely comfortable with it due to a lack of confidence – something that I think a lot of people find. This book is a great guide to the subject as a whole – building up your confidence, preparation, the networking itself etc.

The book easily passed the ‘easy to read’ test – it grabbed me straight away and kept me interested throughout. I liked the way that it didn’t jump straight in with the ‘you need to talk to as many people you don’t know as you can’ kind of stuff that usually goes hand in hand with networking advice. It acknowledges that not everybody is comfortable in networking situations and offers practical advice for how you can feel less daunted by it. I was also pleased that the authors recognised the value of online networking and offered some advice specifically about that (though best to ignore their description of ‘forums commonly known as blogging’).

What I wasn’t so satisfied with is that I didn’t feel like I came away from the book with a solid plan of action. I could go back through it and work through the different pieces of advice to slowly increase my confidence and skills, but the book doesn’t offer a particularly structured approach to this. Maybe I’m wanting to have my hand held a bit too much, but I do like it when practical books set you particular goals to achieve.

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