Business Networking: The Survival Guide

Business Networking
Title: Business Networking: The Survival Guide
Author: Will Kintish
Date Reviewed: 16th August 2014
9 out of 10
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Another stonkingly good book. If you are involved in business networking or are thinking of giving a try then you would definitely benefit from this book.

Will Kintish takes you through his eight-step networking pipeline, explaining the process and giving you tips for how to approach each stage. What I loved about this book is that it described exactly how I feel about networking so I completely identified with it, and then gave me ways of addressing my fears and insecurities. I’ve finished the book feeling much more confident about networking and actually feeling enthusiastic about getting out there again.

I’ve done a reasonable amount of networking myself and tend to enjoy the smaller gatherings, I guess because they are more in my comfort zone. However, with the techniques described in this book I feel equipped to approach even the big ‘men in suits’ events.

Actually, what has really given me a good feeling about this book is a sense of ‘ah, I was right!’. I tend to feel a bit inadequate when it comes to networking because what I’ve read before is very targeted – you must talk to x number of people and make x number of contacts. It all felt very sales-driven, which I’m definitely uncomfortable with. I’ve always felt I’ve got more out of networking in a relationship-building way. Will’s approach is all about relationship-building and he repeatedly warns you about not going in with a sales pitch. Now, that’s something that I can definitely cope with and I don’t have to feel inadequate next to all the hard-sellers.

The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the last chapter about “Understanding how to network with the opposite sex”. Let’s just say I found this challenging. I’m uncomfortable at the idea of having a different approach for men and women. And I really groaned at the suggestion that as a woman, if I arrive at an event where I don’t know anyone I should head for the loo because I’ll probably get chatting to someone there. Eurgh! Sorry, Will, I’m probably taking it the wrong way but that could feel a bit patronising… OK, am stepping away from that subject now.

One more positive thing before I shut up. The author also specialises in using LinkedIn for networking so there are some useful tips on that thrown in as well. Having recently read Brilliant Social Media it was great to come across LinkedIn again. I wasn’t expecting a book about in-person networking to include a social media site but it was a real added bonus that it did. Now I’ve got no excuse not to spruce up my LinkedIn profile, darn it!

A brilliant book for anyone involved (or who should be involved) in business networking – if you’re already out there you will pick up some tips to help you make the best out of it, and if you’ve so far been too nervous to try this will give you the confidence to give it a shot.

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