The Big Book of Happiness

The Big Book of Happiness
Title: The Big Book of Happiness
Author: Chris Croft
Date Reviewed: 6th November 2016
9 out of 10
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I’m turning into quite a Chris Croft fan. A couple of months ago I watched his time management course on and absolutely loved it. He’s got a very engaging style which made it highly entertaining as well as useful. So, I was very interested to read his “Big Book of Happiness”.

And I wasn’t disappointed. This is a great read, which takes you through various things you can do to help increase your happiness. It’s arranged in such a way that you can pick out one technique and give it a go, and each part ends with an action point for you which helps make it highly practical. And if you choose to read it through from beginning to end there’s a handy summary of his 87 ideas at the end.

What I particularly enjoyed whilst reading the book was looking out for Chris’s personality shining through in his writing, which it did. I do wonder whether I would have completely appreciated this if I hadn’t previously watched his video course – so I would recommend looking out for some of his videos before reading the book to get full enjoyment out of it.

As an example of the material Chris covers, I completely got the part about The Power of Music, where Chris explains how music can help choose your mood. I’m all for this and have a ‘raargh!’ playlist for times when I need an energy boost.

Overall this is a really interesting book which definitely provides food for thought when it comes to increasing your happiness. If this is a subject that you’re interested in, you can’t go wrong by starting here.

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