Be your own best life coach

Be Your Own Best Life Coach
Title: Be your own best life coach
Author: Jackee Holder
Date Reviewed: 15th March 2009
6 out of 10
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Be Your Own Best Life Coach by Jackee Holder is a book that challenges you to ‘take charge and live the life you always wanted’. It is broken down into 52 easily digestible steps, see setting you tasks to help you work towards the life you want.

There’s no doubt that the author knows her stuff. However, maybe because I wasn’t following along with the activities, I didn’t find it to be the inspiring book that I hoped. As I say, I wasn’t following along so maybe if I was I would have been drawn into it more, but I didn’t get much of a buzz from it.

Even though each chapter included practical steps to help you look at things differently or discover something about yourself, I did feel like it was a bit disjointed. It felt like 52 completely individual steps rather than working through a process that built up throughout. But, as I said, I may not be the best person to judge as I was just reading it.

Not a complete no-no but if I was to start a program of changing my life I can think of books that I would turn to more readily.

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