101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work

101 Business Ideas
Title: 101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work
Author: Antonio E Weiss
Date Reviewed: 8th October 2013
4 out of 10
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Well, I’ve read the 101 Business Ideas and has it changed the way I work? I’m afraid not. It did however make me realise something about myself … something that I should keep in mind when choosing business books. Although I’m a massive fan of lists that doesn’t translate to being a fan of books made up of lists. It just doesn’t do it for me.

In theory I should have really enjoyed this book – it’s well laid out, each idea is nicely structured, there are entertaining illustrations throughout. I should have skipped through it joyfully. But instead I found it a bit of a drag. Although I like books that are arranged into short readable sections, when each section deals with a completely different idea it just doesn’t flow for me. There wasn’t anything to get my teeth into.

Apart from the style of the book not suiting me, I found that most of the ‘ideas’ didn’t change anything for me in the context of running a small business. For example “Dullness and diligence trump charisma and charm as great qualities to look for in a CEO” doesn’t give me anything to help with running my two-person business. Maybe they would mean a lot more to someone working for a large organisation.

At best, for me, the only use these ideas would have for me would be to provide a topic of conversation at a networking meeting. Maybe I should have one or two up my sleeve for my next event. Now, that is a bit harsh – there were a handful which did strike a chord with me. But it was only a handful in a book of 101.

To be fair, the book is intelligently written and each idea is backed up with further reading, which definitely scores points with me. I feel like I should have liked it a lot more but it comes down to personal preferences, and unfortunately this falls into a category of book that I personally don’t get on with. I will remember to avoid anything that has a number in its title in future.

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