The 1 Page Business Strategy

The 1 Page Business Strategy
Title: The 1 Page Business Strategy
Author: Marc van Eck, Ellen van Zanten
Date Reviewed: 8th July 2014
7 out of 10
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What’s appealing about this book is that it provides a methodology for creating a one-page business strategy. That gets two ticks – one for being practical and another for being succinct. As someone who’s good at starting things but not so hot on seeing them through you can see how this would attract me – instead of starting yet another business plan that trails off after a couple of sections, I feel like I actually stand a chance of writing a one-page strategy and, even more impressive, putting it into action.

The book itself is well laid out and to the point. It takes you through the OGSM methodology (that’s Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures) explaining how to put it into practice.

Where it did fall down for me were the actual examples. As someone who is very much for planning things out so you know exactly what you need to do, I found the examples a bit wishy washy. Don’t get me wrong, they follow through the methodology exactly, but I couldn’t get a firm grip on them. Things like:

Action Plan: Realise lowest price guarantee by letting customers themselves report the lowest price and have close control on these reports.

Eh? For a book which apart from that is reasonably easy to follow, I find that pretty dense. Maybe it’s just too high-level for me – something for the big boys running big businesses, rather than me with my micro business.

Unfortunately that does make me less confident about being able to apply the methodology. I need to work through it myself for one of our objectives and see if I can make it work for me. In theory I shoud be able to, I just need to not get put off by what I find to be unclear examples.

So not perfect but definitely has potential.

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