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Book Review Requests

Have you got a book that you would like me to review? Fantastic, I’d love to take a look. Here a few things for you to think about before contacting me:

Is the book suitable for my target audience?
Brilliant Business Books is aimed at people who run very small businesses. I do mean small. My business has an extensive team of two people (myself and my partner) and I’m writing for people who are in a similar situation. If your book is all about running really large businesses or teams of people then there’s a strong chance that I won’t feel it’s relevant.

I want to review books which are easily and practically applicable to other businesses the size of mine. Books aimed at larger businesses do have transferable information but to be brutally honest I don’t want to have to try too hard. Time is precious and there are many books out there which I can’t wait to read.

  • Do it yourself marketing for small businesses – yes, yes, yes!
  • How to run your marketing department – no, no, no!

Get it?

Are you happy to wait a while?
I’ll admit it, I can be pretty slow. I don’t speed read. I take my time to read a book thoroughly and absorb it. And I’m running a business so can’t spend hours at a time reading (although I’d love to). Please don’t expect a quick turnaround and I prefer not to be chased if that’s ok. Brilliant Business Books is a hobby not a full-time business, I’d like to do it in as unpressured a way as possible.

I can’t guarantee that I will publish a review and if I do I’ll give an honest review
I don’t get on with every book I’m asked to review. I always give it a good shot but if I genuinely can’t get through a book I would prefer not to write a review of it. I think that’s fairer than posting a negative review of a book I haven’t finished.

And if I do post a review I can’t guarantee that it will be positive. I hate posting negative reviews but if I don’t rate a book then I will say so. Sorry!


I know, I’m demanding. But it’s best to say it up front so you know what to expect. If you’re still interested please email me at