Back into the swing of things

Posted: 13th October 2008

Poor neglected blog. I disappeared into a black hole time-wise last week as we had a visit from my parents. Just about managed to keep on top of things in between spending time with the folks and had a massive catch-up session on Friday. Back into it properly this week. I’ve had a good start to Monday – got up at 6.30 and did yoga. I’m now thinking about what’s happening today before getting started. Always good to have some kind of plan in mind for the day.

What would I like to achieve today?

–This morning–
Clear build-up of emails from the weekend
Finish of the couple of web maintenance jobs hanging over from last week
Prepare for meeting with prospect
Clear in-tray and update accounts

–This afternoon–
Meeting with prospect

–Any remaining time–
Work on FAQs for our website

Think that’s enough to keep me going.

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