Argh, need to listen to my own advice

Posted: 4th April 2017

OK, I’ve learnt an important lesson. I find myself quite often explaining to clients the importance of keeping their websites backed up and any software running on the up-to-date. Why is this? Because if you leave them too long without updating the software you stand a good chance of getting hacked.

I’m currently working on a new design and rebuild of this site and what have I found? It’s bloomin’ been hacked, hasn’t it? It’s a good job that I’ve opted to add the content back in post by post rather than importing en-masse (even if it doesn’t sound like a very efficient approach) because it’s giving me a chance to strip out all those nasty little links to nasty little websites.

So, once I’ve got this new version of the site up and running I’m going to do a monthly back up and software update to keep everything ship shape.

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