Another event, another tourist attraction

Posted: 2nd May 2009

I went to another conference-type-event on Wednesday. This time it was the annual promotional event for Cornwall College Business, held at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth. Another fantastic venue for an event, order shame it was such horrible weather. The theme of this year’s event was basically courses that the college are running – we had a presentation from a business that had benefited from training and then a series of seminars on specific courses.

The three courses that I chose to hear about were:

  • Growing your business
  • Finance
  • Management skills

Funnily enough they were all run by the same tutor, so by the end of the afternoon I felt like I was stalking him. However, I was really pleased that I had chosen those sessions as he was excellent – managed to make potentially dry subjects very entertaining, which bodes well for the courses themselves.

Now, it’s true what they say about people buying people. Our previous experience of Cornwall College Business has been a bit frustrating as last year we selected a few courses that we might be interested in, but could we get any actual information out of the college (like when they started etc.)? Could we ‘eck! But, having seen one of the tutors in action I suddenly feel a lot more confident in the college and am actually quite keen to sign up for something (though I am still in recovery from the last management course). I’m torn between ‘growing your business’ and ‘finance’. Would I be mad to sign up for something else so soon?

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