An uphill struggle

Posted: 21st August 2008

Had a sticky moment with our car today. We were off to Penzance to do our banking and it decided that it couldn’t cope with the hills. Not a brilliant state of affairs in our hilly part of the world. We managed to turn around and make it back home, accompanied by the smell of burning rubber. Our local garage is now tending to it.

It has got me thinking, though. If we had the choice we would do without a car entirely. Unfortunately the combination of our remote location and the fact that we’re running a business means that a car is essential. The thing is, why is it it that turning up to a client meeting by bus would somehow appear less professional? It’s true, isn’t it? OK arranging a suitable time would take a bit more thought because it would have to coincide with a bus but shouldn’t the environmental issues count in our favour? I think some work needs to be done on changing attitudes (including my own) – that it might be worth taking a bit more time getting somewhere if the impact on the environment is less.

By the way, I drafted this while on the bus to Penzance to make a second attempt at the banking.

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