and other ramblings of a small business owner

About Me

EmilyHi, I’m Emily and I’m a small business owner. I run a web design business with my partner building brilliant websites for other small businesses. We work from our office in Cornwall, where we’ve been based since 2006.

It’s been quite a journey for us to get here. Neither of us had business backgrounds when we started our business, both having worked in libraries before branching out into web design. So the learning curve has been pretty steep. But we haven’t let that hold us back. We’re constantly working on improving our skills and this is what this website is about.

I read a lot of business books and I use this website to discuss the books I read in the hope that other business startups and small business owners will find it useful. I also throw in some general ramblings about running a business – observations on our experiences, issues we face, the joys of working for ourselves etc.

I’d love to hear from you too, so please feel to comment on any of my posts or contact me directly.