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  • Job Tracking

    I’m thinking that I’d like to develop a system for job tracking. I use Todoist as a task manager and absolutely love it (well, saying that I’m not in love with the Windows 10 app but it works great using the browser version). Todoist is perfect for tra …

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    Tags: databases, job tracking, software, systems

  • Should I care about 118?

    Can anyone tell me if I should actually care if our business details are in the 118 directory? I’m pretty sure we don’t get any business from it. My problem is that every now and then I get a call from them asking to check my details. It’s supposed to …

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    Tags: directories, interruptions

  • Where are all the women business writers?

    I think I might have started on an interesting journey. There are a few blogs that I follow because I really like the approach of the bloggers. When I say ‘follow’, I mean that I have subscribed to their sites and actively read the updates that land in …

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    Tags: women in business

  • Argh, need to listen to my own advice

    OK, I’ve learnt an important lesson. I find myself quite often explaining to clients the importance of keeping their websites backed up and any software running on the up-to-date. Why is this? Because if you leave them too long without updating the sof …

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    Tags: websites

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