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  • Should I care about 118?

    Can anyone tell me if I should actually care if our business details are in the 118 directory? I’m pretty sure we don’t get any business from it. My problem is that every now and then I get a call from them asking to check my details. It’s supposed to …

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    Tags: directories, interruptions

  • Where are all the women business writers?

    I think I might have started on an interesting journey. There are a few blogs that I follow because I really like the approach of the bloggers. When I say ‘follow’, I mean that I have subscribed to their sites and actively read the updates that land in …

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    Tags: women in business

  • Argh, need to listen to my own advice

    OK, I’ve learnt an important lesson. I find myself quite often explaining to clients the importance of keeping their websites backed up and any software running on the up-to-date. Why is this? Because if you leave them too long without updating the sof …

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    Tags: websites

  • Great time management article

    Just found this great article on time management by TentBlogger: My Time Management 101. Definitely worth a read. Every now and then I try categorising my tasks as: Urgent & Important Urgent & Not Important Not Urgent But Important Not Urgent …

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    Tags: time management

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