10 tips for staying motivated when working from home

Below are my top ten tips for keeping yourself motivated if you work from home. They are all things which I try to practice myself, discount viagra some more successfully than others. I’ve picked the tips up over time from various places – books, seminars, and from the experience of keeping myself motivated.

1. Regular working hours

One of the reasons you may have chosen to work from home is the draw of being able to set your own working hours. You don’t necessarily have to work nine to five if you find that too much of a grind but I do recommend that you set yourself regular hours and try to stick to them, whether it’s first thing in the morning, during the day or into the evening. Do remember though that you may need to communicate with clients occasionally so some overlap with the standard working day would be helpful. The benefit of always working the same hours every day is that you know that that is work time – if you’re more haphazard in your approach it is much easier to keep putting work off and before you know it the whole day has gone.

2. Get dressed

I’m sure we’ve all spent the day in our pyjamas before. I know I’ve done it. But if you really want to get up and get going in the morning the best thing is to get dressed. Making business calls in your PJs just doesn’t feel right somehow. Getting dressed can really help get you into a work frame of mind.

3. Plan your day

Whether you do it the last thing the day before or first thing for that day, having some kind of plan is a great motivator. This is where my lists come in. Make a list of what you need to achieve that day and tick each item off as you complete it. A word of warning though – it’s really easy to overestimate what you can get through in a day and there’s nothing more disheartening than a load of stuff left unticked at the end of the day. A tip I’ve picked up recently is to make an estimate of how long each task should take and only plan what there is actually enough time to do, and build in at least an hour of ‘contingency’ for all those unexpected things that inevitably pop up.

4. Break the tasks into manageable chunks

If you find that your tasks for the day seem so big and unapproachable this can really put you off starting. Prevarication will set in. A great tip is to take each task and break it down into smaller, bite-sized chunks. So if you’ve got something that you estimate will take around two hours and you really can’t bring yourself to start it, try to break it down into chunks of 5-15 minutes each and work through them one at a time. This can really help motivate you to get through it. Each time you finish a bit you can tick it off and move on to the next one. As you see things getting ticked off you’ll want to keep going and complete the lot.

5. Eat your frog

I’ve heard this described as eating your frog and eating your toad, but the principle is the same. The idea is that every day you have one or more tasks that you really don’t want to do and spend the whole day putting off and feeling miserable about. Whether it’s phoning that awkward client to chase an invoice or tackle that really tricky task that you’re not sure how to do, there is often something that is hanging over you. So what do you do? As soon as you start work you just do it. Then you can relax because it’s done and enjoy the rest of the day without the dread and inevitable prevarication that comes with it. It works, it really does!

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