Business Writing Tips: For Easy and Effective Results

Sometimes a book falls in your lap just at the perfect moment. This is what has happened with Business Writing Tips by Robert Bullard. I’m finding I’m having to do quite a bit of writing at the moment – new content for our revamped business website (including a blog), proposals for new projects, and I’ve got a top secret writing project in the works (hopefully not top secret for too much longer). So, a book about writing for business is exactly what I need right now.

Robert’s book is a highly practical guide to writing for business, giving tips on preparation, the writing itself, and the nitty gritty of grammar and punctuation. If you ever find yourself wondering what the difference between a colon and semi-colon is, then this is the book for you!

1. Am I interested?
Absolutely. I like to think that I can string a sentence or two together, but some tips on how to improve are definitely welcome. I can find myself being quite pedantic about things like punctuation so the detail in the book very much appealed to me.

2. Did I enjoy reading it?
Very much so. The book is well laid out into easily-digestible sections and is absolutely packed full of practical advice.

3. Will it help my business?
It already has! I particularly enjoyed the section on Writing for Particular Outputs – the ‘Improve your Website’ chapter has tips I can apply not only to my own websites, but also to our clients’ websites. I feel added confidence in advising clients on their website content and will definitely be referring back to this section for a reminder. And I went straight to the chapter on ‘Securing Media Interest’ when I found myself writing a press release last week – something I’ve only done a handful of times before. In fact I’ve already seen a couple of instances of the press release being used with only a couple of changes to the wording, so Robert’s guidelines were obviously very good!

If you run a business you can’t get away from a certain amount of writing – you can’t go wrong if you’ve got a copy of this great guide on hand for those moments when you need a bit of extra help.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Press Here! Managing the Media for Free Publicity

Press Here! Managing the Media for Free Publicity by Annie GurtonI discovered this gem in our local library service. It’s the 1998 edition that I got hold of so was a bit concerned that it may be a bit out of date, and but aside from email maybe being used more predominantly for sending press releases (I don’t know, there maybe journalists still prefer to receive them through the post, but I doubt it) it all sounded pretty spot on to me.

Press Here!: Managing the Media for Free Publicity by Annie Gurton takes you through the different aspects of dealing with journalists and the media to get publicity for your business. It is crammed full of practical advice and I now feel like I have a good grasp of the different ways we can use the media. Now I just need to form a PR campaign and get working on it!

I particularly liked the case studies at the end of each chapter. The author used three different scenarios – two businesses and one freelance journalist – and followed their stories throughout the book. Absolutely brilliant. They reinforced the advice given in a very accessible way, showing how it could be applied in a real situation. It was also very useful to get an insight into how a journalist thinks and the pressures they are under – somehow makes contacting journalists seem less daunting.

Definitely a book to refer to again when I’m ready to launch into some PR.

Rating: ★★★★½

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