New article: motivation for home-workers

Another article is now in place: 10 tips for how to stay motivated when working from home. This is a particularly relevant one for me today as I haven’t been feeling brilliantly motivated. Will start tomorrow afresh having reminded myself of the techniques that work for me.

Is there anything that you do differently? A brilliant tip that could make all the difference. Leave a comment below, buy viagra I’d be delighted to hear from you.

New article: Choosing your business bank account

After putting in all the links to banks last night I was inspired to write my second article: Choosing your business bank account. I hope you find it useful.

My first article

I’ve had a stab at my first article for the site: The pros and cons of running a business from home

If anyone has any comments please leave them here. Am happy to add to the article of anyone has any suggestions.

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