HR for Small Business for Dummies

HR for Small Business is a guide to taking on employees. It’s very much written with small business in mind. If you’re thinking of taking on your first employee I would consider this to be essential reading.

The book is written in a very easy-to-read style and goes into an amazingly useful amount of detail. If you need to know exactly how to go about recruiting and looking after employees for your business then this is definitely the book for you.

The book starts with the essentials, drugstore describing what is involved in employing someone, treat how to recruit, how to work with them, managing pay and parting company. It then gradually builds up to more advanced topics, including legal requirements so that you can be confident you’re doing things right.

I’m not currently looking to recruit in my small business, but if I was I would first want to read this book cover to cover to get a good undertanding of what’s involved before venturing into becoming an employer.

Rating: ★★★★★

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The Right Way to Write

The Right Way to Write by Rupert MorrisI’ve recently finished reading The Right Way to Write: How to Write Effective Business Letters, tadalafil Reports, Memos and E-mail by Rupert Morris. Sounds like it might be a bit dry doesn’t it? Luckily the author does know how to write. It turned out to be a very informative and occasionally entertaining book. Published in 1998 it’s not a very recent book (I borrowed a copy from the library) but is nonetheless still relevant. The author goes through different types of business communication to demonstrate good business writing and includes sections on sentence construction and grammar.

The thing that has stayed with me since finishing it is the importance of writing as clearly as possible. Don’t use big words for the sake of it or make your sentences too complicated – otherwise you may come across as pompous (got a feeling I may have been guilty of that at times) and the intended audience may have trouble understanding what you mean. Keep it simple and clear so you won’t be misunderstood. However, what I do need to be careful about is not being so direct that I come across as abrupt – I think in some cases writing does need ‘fluffing up’ up bit to ensure that you get the right tone.

Overall definitely worth a read. It gets you thinking about your writing style and some of the habits you may have got into, and can be used as a practical guide to every-day business writing.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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