BBB mentioned on podcast

I was having a listen to the latest SmallBizPod podcast today and was thrilled to hear Brilliant Business Books mentioned. Thanks Alex!

I was also interested to hear the first book review sent in by a reader. It was a brilliant review of The New Philanthropists by Charles and Elizabeth Handy. Sounds like an interesting read. If you get the chance have a listen to the review.

Are you in the zone?

Whilst doing working today I was listening back through some old podcasts and came across a brilliant one about working from home which I had forgotten about. Actually it’s not that old – only from June this year. It’s one of Mind Your Own Business’s and is called Staying in the Zone. It’s a great listen so if you work from home or are thinking about working from home I would highly recommend it. I particularly enjoyed the different ways of making sure you get work done as practised by Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope – most entertaining.

The podcast contains some really useful advice about making sure you give yourself space to get work done – both physically by having a defined work area and in terms of time by giving yourself set working hours (also one of my tips in 10 tips for staying motivated when working from home).

Small business podcasts

When I’m working on a task that doesn’t take too much brain-power I like to listen to some podcasts aimed at small businesses. I’ve added a couple of my favourites to the resources:

I’m sure I will be adding more in the coming weeks, so if podcasts are your thing do stay tuned ;-)

Exercise and relaxation all in one

Basic Yoga Workout For DummiesHaving mentioned yoga a couple of times in previous posts, help I thought I’d do a quick post about the yoga DVD I use: Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies. Yes, viagra sale the ‘Dummies’ series includes DVDs too – I didn’t realise that until I stumbled across this one. If you’re thinking about giving yoga a go I’d highly recommend it. The instructor explains everything very thoroughly and goes at a slow, gentle pace so you don’t have to worry about getting left behind. There are easier ways of doing things for complete beginners but the positions are challenging enough to give you something to work towards (at least I’m finding that’s true).

The only criticism I have is that sometimes she does talk a bit too much. She can get you into a position and then go rambling off into an explanation when all you want to do is get on with it before your arms/legs etc. give out. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just hold a position! Still that’s just a minor thing and definitely doesn’t put me off doing the workout.

The final position is complete relaxation, which is brilliant (though it would be nice if she would just shut up and let me relax). I finish the workout feeling more flexible, relaxed and ready for the day – a really good feeling.

The DVD also includes a bonus intermediate workout but I haven’t felt brave enough to look at this one yet. A few weeks of the basic and I’ll give it a go.

Rating: ★★★★½

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