Simply Brilliant

This is an interesting book. It describes itself as “The common-sense guide to success at work” and it’s all about applying common sense to your work. And there’s absolutely nothing wishy-washy about the book – it’s good sensible advice from beginning to end.

The author takes you through his seven rules of common sense. I was won over in the first chapter which “extols the virtues of simplicity in our thinking and encourages us to seek simple solutions”. I really like the idea of simple solutions. It’s very easy to overcomplicate things and it can be very stressful trying to wade through a complicated situation or process. I definitely like the idea of taking time to think about how we approach things and whether we could make our approach simpler.

It’s true, unhealthy isn’t it? Sometimes you can try to be too clever, or just not think things through clearly enough, and end up getting yourself in a tangle. If that sounds familiar then this book could really help you look at things differently.

Another rule that struck a chord with me was “There is always a sequence of events”. It stresses the importance of planning tasks so you are clear on the sequence of events. This is very true. If I jump into a task without planning it out first it will inevitably take me longer as I will jump around between actions as things occur to me, or I’ll miss something important. If, on the other hand, I plan the sequence of events I can then work methodically through the steps much more confidently and efficiently.

This book is all about common sense, in which case you might say “but I knew that already” but even the most obvious things are worth reminding yourself of and reviewing every now and then. Just taking the time to think with a slightly different mindset can make a big difference.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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