Press Here! Managing the Media for Free Publicity

Press Here! Managing the Media for Free Publicity by Annie GurtonI discovered this gem in our local library service. It’s the 1998 edition that I got hold of so was a bit concerned that it may be a bit out of date, and but aside from email maybe being used more predominantly for sending press releases (I don’t know, there maybe journalists still prefer to receive them through the post, but I doubt it) it all sounded pretty spot on to me.

Press Here!: Managing the Media for Free Publicity by Annie Gurton takes you through the different aspects of dealing with journalists and the media to get publicity for your business. It is crammed full of practical advice and I now feel like I have a good grasp of the different ways we can use the media. Now I just need to form a PR campaign and get working on it!

I particularly liked the case studies at the end of each chapter. The author used three different scenarios – two businesses and one freelance journalist – and followed their stories throughout the book. Absolutely brilliant. They reinforced the advice given in a very accessible way, showing how it could be applied in a real situation. It was also very useful to get an insight into how a journalist thinks and the pressures they are under – somehow makes contacting journalists seem less daunting.

Definitely a book to refer to again when I’m ready to launch into some PR.

Rating: ★★★★½

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