Gearing up for some marketing

I’ve spent the last couple of days preparing a 28-day marketing plan as laid out by Get Clients Now!. I’m hoping that following a plan will help us kick-start our marketing which has been a bit non-existent recently. We’ve had quite a lot on so project work has been taking most of our attention, try but now that we’ve got a few big projects coming to an end we need to get out there and find some new clients.

It’s going to be quite an intense 28 days. Actually it’s something that I’d planned to do as part of my 90 days of brilliance – so part of following my 90-day plan is to follow a 28-day plan. Hmmm, do you think I’m taking this a bit too far? Well, it’s helping feed my need for lists of things to tick off at least.

My goal for the 28 days is to find 6 new prospects – that’s 6 solid prospects to prepare quotes for. Is that asking two much for 4 weeks or does it sound like I’m not aiming high enough? I’m finding it difficult to tell.

I’m due to start the programme on Monday (good to start at the beginning of the week). Shall report back on my progress!


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